Calling all New Mums – Convert Your Favourite Bra to a Nursing Bra!!!


At B&R Lingerie, we feel that nursing mothers should not have to compromise when it comes to comfort and appearance.  That’s why we have come up with the unique and exciting concept of the Bespoke Nursing Bra service, giving you the option to convert your favourite everyday bra to a nursing bra!

When purchasing a bra from our online store, look out for the Converts to Nursing symbol in the product description.  This tells you that the bra can be adapted for nursing.  Your new bra will be exactly the same, except that now it will have a clip on each strap, allowing you to easily unclip the cup and nurse your baby.  There will also be a ribbon attaching the strap to the cup so that it does not fall behind your shoulder while you are nursing.

Check out our extensive range in the Converts to Nursing category under the Bras tab. We also offer sport bras that can be converted to nursing, in response to lots of feedback from Mums who want to get back into their fitness regimes after having their baby, but can’t find a nursing sportsbra.


Having your favourite bra converted for nursing is as easy as 1 2 3.

Step 1

Choose a bra from the Converts to Nursing category under Bras.

Step 2

After selecting your colour and size, select the Converts to Nursing option by choosing Yes from the dropdown menu.  This will add on £9.99 to the cost of the bra.

Step 3

Add to cart!


Before                                                          After

Please note that underwired bras are not recommended in the early stages of nursing as if they press into the soft breast tissue they may cause blockages in the milk ducts.  However, once feeding is well established they should be fine provided that they fit correctly – i.e. with the wire following the outside line around the breast.

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