Spring Clean your Underwear Drawer


Many of us spring clean our homes this time of year, but we often forget to sort out the part of our homes closest to our hearts (literally!); our underwear drawers.
Some people say that bras last 100 wears, or one year, but they can last longer than this or wear faster depending on the quality of the bra and how you wash and dry them. Washing them by hand with warm, not hot water and not putting them in a tumble dryer will make them last longer. As soon as you see the underwire starting to poke out, tears or frays to the material or it feels bigger or smaller, it’s time to get rid and go shopping! Don’t forget to get measured before your spending spree as women’s bra sizes can fluctuate due to age, weight loss or gain and pregnancy.
Wearing matching underwear is an instant way to feel sexier and more confident and buying new sets can be enjoyable and something to look forward to. The range of different styles and colours available means that you can really have fun with it. Getting bras and knickers that you can mix and match gives you more options if you fancy a change or they are in the wash. You might want to treat yourself to new matching underwear as a reward for losing weight or a work promotion, or as a treat for both yourself and your partner.
As the weather gets warmer, thick, baggy layers are packed away and our wardrobes become full of thinner fabrics and lighter, sunny colours. This means that our underwear needs to be adjusted to suit the change in clothing. As well as lighter coloured bras and neutral colours to go underneath finer materials, you may want to invest in a t-shirt bra, which is designed to be seamless, so less likely to show through clothing and have moulded cups, which make some women feel more comfortable. Full-size, Bridget Jones’ style knickers may be OK for hiding underneath winter jeans and jumper dresses, but wearing more fitted clothes means you may want underwear that’s a bit more delicate to avoid VPL!
Just by wearing brand new underwear, you can automatically feel renewed, more comfortable and confident and ready for the new season, so just take a few minutes to sort through your underwear drawer and treat yourself to some gorgeous, brand new underwear. To view our latest selection, click here.